Cable 5294-2 Console Piano | Satin Oak

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Cable 5294-2 Console Piano

-Brand: Cable

-Serial # 386023

-Finish - Satin Oak

-Condition - Very Good

Founded by Herman D. Cable, The Cable Piano Company made American history by being a massive and successful piano manufacturer in 1880. The vast stature of The Cable Company rendered the "Cable" a desirable piano. With their outstanding quality, stability, and tone, these pianos obtain a pleasant attribute of impressiveness to all pianists.

Console pianos are a great option for beginner or intermediate players looking to upgrade from digital pianos or keyboards. The console is the most common size for a vertical piano, and equips "compact action" with shorter hammers than a larger upright piano. Due to the action's placement over the keys, rather than under (as in a spinet piano), a console typically plays better than a spinet. The console piano is a few inches taller than a spinet, but shorter than a studio model.

Cable 5294-2 Console Piano | Satin Oak

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