Shigeru Kawai SK-7 Grand Piano

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The regal 7'6" SK-7 Semi-Concert Grand graces the concert stage with authority - and is known worldwide for its extraordinary ability to express emotions across the full dynamic spectrum. Equally well-suited for the professional studio, recital spaces, concert venues, or for intimate salon recitals in elegant homes - the SK-7 is an instrument of exceptional beauty and character that will gratify both the player and the listener in any performance setting.

* Length: 7' 6" (229 cm)
* Width: 5' 2" (157 cm)
* Height: 40" (102 cm)
* Weight: 882 lbs. (400 kg)



Honor is a sacred bond in every culture, and certainly in Japan. It is a hallowed convenant that binds one's name inextricably with one's "words and deeds." In a culture where names and actions are inseparable, there can be no greater expression of honor than to place one's name upon the one's own creation. This is the commitment of Shigeru Kawai His instruments epitomize his unending devotion to the art of the piano. The SK-7 Semi-Concert Grand Piano is, fittingly, an instrument of transcendent character, a living representation of the man himself, a profound expression of personal honor.


Size Length 7' 6" (229 cm)
Width 5' 2" (157 cm)
Height 40" (102 cm)
Weight 882 lbs. (400 kg)
Touch White key surfaces NEOTEX™
Black key surfaces NEOTEX™
Action Millennium III Action with Carbon Fiber
Hammers All underfelted
Sound Soundboard Solid Spruce, Tapered
Agraffes 1-54 keys / Shigeru Kawai concert agraffes
Duplex scaling Fore & Back
Back posts 4
Exterior design Pedals Damper, Sostenuto, Soft
Casters Double, Brass
Lid props 3
Fallboard Soft Fall Closing System
Music rack Position 5 positions
Hard Finish -
Lock ✔
Other features Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design (SOLID)
Longer Keys
Steel-reinforced keyslip & keybed
V-pro plate
CORE system
Vertically laminated treble bridge
Longer period of natural drying process
Hand-wound bass strings
Dual Pivot Damper
Spruce beams
Reinforced Hammer Shank
Hand-craft Process
Final voicing by MPA (Master Piano Artisan)


To ensure your peace of mind and protect the value of your investment, every Kawai grand piano is covered by our Ten Year Fully Transferable Warranty. This warranty is the seal of Kawai craftsmanship-and the assurance of your satisfaction for many years to come.
Shigeru Kawai SK-7 Grand Piano

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