1966 Yamaha 52" U7 Upright Piano | Solid Teak Wood | SN: 520472

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Yamaha 52" U7 Upright Piano - Solid Teak Wood

-Brand: Yamaha
-Model: U7
-Serial # 520472
-Year Built: 1966
-Finish - Solid Teak Wood
-Condition - Very Good

For over a century, Yamaha has blended a tradition of Japanese craftsmanship with innovations in modern materials and sound to create pianos of exceptional tone and breathtaking beauty. Yamaha continues to redefine what an upright can be, thrilling players of all levels with its rich, resonant tone, reliable action and incredible value. Yamaha innovations make these pianos better than ever.

This beautiful Yamaha U7 piano is an amazing value for the price. A beautiful upright with unique cabinetry and a beautiful sound. Well maintained both outside and in. Yamaha quality and craftsmanship ensures a consistent touch, timbre, and action throughout the keyboard for effective practice and performance. This instrument is ideal for any level player. Contact us for more information.

Upright pianos are the tallest within vertical piano class. These are very tall instruments with large soundboards and long strings, capable of projecting an impressive volume. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many large uprights were manufactured in America, and vintage instruments like these are readily available; however, caution should be taken when dealing with an instrument like this, due to many unknown factors affecting the condition of the piano. If you properly maintain an upright piano, it can perform well for many decades to come.

Warranty information:
This instrument has been thoroughly inspected by our service department and maintained to ensure it is sold in optimal playing condition. It includes a 90-day full-service warranty with purchase and will be tuned before delivery. Additional service plans are available at the time of purchase. The complete package qualifies for financing and includes a piano bench. Delivery and/or service fees vary and are based on location and logistics. For more information on delivery and service fees, please contact Kawai Piano Gallery for a quote. Delivery and service promotions are applicable at times. Extended warranty plans are also available. 

1966 Yamaha 52" U7 Upright Piano | Solid Teak Wood | SN: 520472

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