Yamaha 5'3" G1 Baby Grand Piano | Satin Walnut

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Yamaha 5'3" G1 Satin Walnut Grand Piano

-Brand: Yamaha

-Model: G1

-Serial # J2720683

-Finish - Satin Walnut

-Condition - Excellent

Considered to be one of Yamaha's best budget friendly pianos, the G1 baby grand sits at a length of 5'3", which allows it to be perfect for in house use. This model was released in the 1960's and maintains an expressive tone and sound.

For over a century, Yamaha has combined a heritage of Japanese artistry with innovations in present-day materials and sound. This helps create gorgeous, extraordinary sounding pianos. Fascinating players of all levels with its lavish, moving tone, and stunning value, Yamaha continues to redefine what a piano can be.

Yamaha 5'3" G1 Baby Grand Piano | Satin Walnut

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